2 EASY Woodworking Projects | Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Using a Palm Sander to Sand a New Staircase

Are you tired of spending hours and hours just finishing off woodworking projects? Well read on to find the perfect solution.

How to Replace Your Garage Door Torsion Springs

Repairing and replacing your garage doors torsion springs can be highly dangerous. Having the right tools and knowledge do not guarantee that you’ll stay safe, but they’re always helpful. Here’s what to look for and how to stay as safe as possible through this process.

Shed Plans: What Am I Going To Do With My New Shed?

Although you prepare shed plans for your town’s building department, board of assessors and, possibly the zoning board of appeals, so they can hold hearings on your shed plans, it is obvious that you are going to do something with your new shed so it is important to have shed plans ready for the day the ribbon is cut and the doors are opened. For most people, the new shed plans start with the simple premise, I just have to do something with the lawn furniture, the gardening tools, the snowblower (you fill in the rest)!

Shed Plan: Where Are The Right Sources?

Often, when people are planning their first utility shed, the first question they ask is: Where can I go to get the best shed plan so that I can build the right utility shed for my backyard? Today, there are a myriad of right answers to this question as the sources of available plans have literally mushroomed.

The Homemade Solar Panel System – Why Should You Build Your Own

Why should I build my own? Well there are many many advantages that come from building your own solar panel system,first off there is the financial benefit which will save you the thousands of dollars needed to contract a professional firm that will set up the installation. You can decide exactly how much you want to save on your electricity bills,you can always have a hybrid system,using grid power along with solar panels,or you can go completely of grid and eliminate any further electricity expense.

Shed Plans: What Type of Shed Should We Get?

What type of shed should you get in the first place? Should it be a traditional wooden shed of should your shed plans move toward a metal, PKD shed? The choice is yours but it should also be based on what you are planning to do with it.

If You Are Going To Get Plastered, Do It Right

One of the joys of childhood is being allowed to get messy with our hands. Whether this involves making sandcastles or mud pies, or just playing around in the kitchen with a bit of dough; the feeling of a squidgy mess between the fingers and the triumph as you then control it and smooth it out to a flat shape always stays with you. Unfortunately, because of this childhood experience, far too many of us believe that we can handle plastering.

Exterior Renovations For Home DIY

Keeping this information in mind and exercising regular maintenance and care to your home will help your home DIY projects stay at a manageable level so you can easily handle them on your own. Planning and preparation are the keys.

DIY Installation of Home Air Conditioners

Installing your own home air conditioners can be done with the help of a few mates or family members. Learn how to include them, along with qualified trades, to give great results.

Home Solar Power Panel Time – 3 Mistakes to Avoid

After installing my own solar power panels, I have encountered every possible problem you can imagine. What started off as a seemingly easy weekend job turned into a month-long project. This is primarily because of 3 big mistakes I made while doing the installation. I have decided to write this guide to avoiding those mistakes so that you can save yourself the trouble of failing at solar.

How to Make More Storage Space

Are there stacks of things in your home you do not use everyday? Are there piles of important items in plain view collecting dust? Would you like to create a space just for these things?

Simplify and Clear the Clutter

Do you really need that dummy in the attic? When was the last time you used that Halloween costume anyway? Would you feel lighter if you lost some of the clutter?

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