A SOLID Pocket Hole Jig that’s PERFECT for Beginner Woodworkers

This is a detailed review of the Massca Products Twin and Single Pocket Hole Jigs. These pocket hole jigs have a lifetime warranty, when used under normal conditions. These are perfect pocket hole jigs for the beginner woodworker. They are solid and well built. I even ran over the twin jig with a truck to see if it would hold up. Check out the full review to see if it survives!

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Pocket Hole King: https://www.pocketholeking.com
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This video was sponsored by Massca Products.

DIY Solar Panel Kits – The Things You Need to Know

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How to Install Large Sized Ceramic Tile Floors

Larger sized ceramic tile floors are easier to install I think than using mosaic tiles. Larger tiles at 12″ by 12″ or 24″ by 24″ cover more area quicker and with a little care can produce an outstanding looking floor. Whatever the room all loose items must be removed including stoves, fridges, toilets and the like. Any loose flooring materials must be removed and the floor be made as level as possible using a floor leveling compound available at most larger big box stores.

The Joy of Woodworking

There it was. A beautiful cabinet that stood tall and deep with a beautiful wood grain finish that was as smooth as glass to the touch. Large deep shelves made up the bulk of the cabinet. Inlaid panel doors enclosed a velvet lined storage area near the bottom and a scrolled façade crowned the top. It was a beauty to behold and I experienced a great deal of satisfaction and pride having planned and created my first wood piece.

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Tips and Tricks in Organizing Your Work Space

If your staring at a messy desk every single working day, and your head is spinning full of tasks that you need to do but you don’t know where to start, then it is about time to organize your work space. So go ahead and organize your office with these great tips for a better work experience and for maximum productivity!

How to Build a Set of Cabinets

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How to Build a Home Addition

Building a home addition can be challenging to most homeowners but not impossible. Depending on the size and complexity of the addition design anyone with good carpentry skills can build an acceptable end product. I suggest you do not try a multi-story six room addition on your first try however. A simple single story addition of a dining room or bedroom with either a crawl space or full basement can be done on weekends but it will take considerable time to do so. The more difficult addition will have a full basement. Basically it is the same as a crawl space, only deeper. Excavation must be done…

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