Bent Wood Table // Bent Lamination // How to Bend Wood

Bent Wood Table // Bent Lamination // Dining Table… In this video, I decide to bend some wood. There are various ways to accomplish bent lamination, such as steam bending, kerf cutting or the method I used which is to cut a series of thin wood laminations to bend around a form and glue them all together. It’s a time consuming task, but well worth the effort. A bent lamination detail adds nice visual interest and can really enhance the appeal and value of a piece of furniture. It opens up a whole new design aesthetic to incorporate into your furniture designs. I’m certainly NOT an expert, but I think I learned quite a bit on this project to help me on any future projects that will require bending lamination to give a bent wood look. Well, I probably learned even more because I had to build it TWICE!! Stay tuned to the end of the video to find out why I had to build two tables. #bentwoodtable #bentlamination #kjsawdust #bendingwood
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0:00 Intro and bloopers
0:31 Building the forms
2:51 Re-sawing the bent laminations
4:29 Building the center post
5:50 Building the top and bottom sections of the base
8:23 Pre-bending the laminations
9:19 Final modifications to the bending form
9:47 Bending and gluing up the first bent lamination
11:47 Trimming the laminations to final size
13:26 First dry fit
13:32 Fitting the curved laminations to the center post and base
14:16 Installing the recessed adjustable feet
15:10 Hardware installation and final details
16:09 Final surface prep and finish application
17:37 Why I built 2 tables
18:26 Final glamour shots and outro
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