Best Natural Wood Crafts Ideas // Build A Desk For The Director’s Room

How to Build Green on Your Next Project

Everywhere you go today you hear about green building this or green building that. What is it and can you do it? Both are good questions but another question is “What is going to cost me?” With some careful planning on your part you can build green today without breaking your bank account.

Storage Building Plans – Choosing the Right Foundation

Essentially, there are three basic points to consider when choosing a foundation for a storage building or shed. Building size and design, climate or region you live in, and the soil type.

Worm Farming DIY – How Hard is it to Start a Worm Farm?

Starting up a worm farm is something that many people you would not expect are taking an interest in. There are so many beneficial reasons of doing so that it only makes sense. There are people all around the world who are getting started and who want to take on a worm farming DIY project.

Woodworking Supplies – The Basics

Woodworking is a fabulous hobby to get into. Chances are you probably have some tools already that would work and get the job done, but for precision and to have your projects come out just as you want them, you’re going to need to get some woodworking supplies that are designed specifically for this. While there are over one hundred different woodworking supplies you could pick from, if you’re just starting your collection there are a few pieces that are most important.

Why Air Quality is Important and How a Crawl Space Barrier Can Improve it in Your Home

The quality of the air you breathe in your home can affect your quality of living. Installing a crawl space barrier can improve your quality of living by improving the purity of the air you breathe.

Passions That We Take Up!

Do it yourself projects have always fascinated me and I always have something on the go my long suffering wife pulls her hair out at the unfinished projects I have on the go; some projects have been on the go for over twenty years from do it yourself bathroom renovations to do it yourself TV repairs. From early on, my fascination of how things work has moved me in many strange directions and had my mother and farther pulling their hair out.

Tips to Build Homemade Coin Sorter

Do you have a lot of coins? It may be irritating to count it. Having your own coin sorter will be a good idea.

Add a New Bathroom Yourself

Many older houses only have one bathroom which is OK until your kids become teens and then you can never get into it. There is a constant queue every morning as everyone is trying to get ready for school and work. And of course if the teens are female then they need extra time in the bathroom much to the annoyance of everyone else. It is much worse if the toilet is in the bathroom too as then the ques are really long. You know that you need another bathroom but how and where and how much will it cost.

Storage Shed Plans – Build a Firewood Storage Shed

Whether you are handy around the house or not, you may want to consider several woodworking projects. It will not only be fun but will fill you with a great sense of accomplishment. One woodworking project could be building a storage shed and obtaining good storage shed plans is key.

How to Install a Stair Rail

Having a sturdy, safe stair railing is very important. Too many accidents happen on stairways that have a loose or weak stair rail. So, why take the chance on someone getting injured on your stairs, install new stair railing yourself.

Wrought Iron Railings – Tips on How to Repair Them

Wrought iron railings can become worn and rotten over time. Read on to learn some basic tips on how to repair wrought iron railings.

How to Repair a Washing Machine?

Fixing a washing machine may depend on what issues you are having. Some problems are minor and need just a bit of tinkering while others will possibly need replacement parts and/or the services of a certified repair man. A few of these issues that may arise are shown here with guidelines on how to approach repairs.

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