Build A Coffee Table From A Piece Of Hollow Wood // Giant Wood Recycling Project

Beginner Woodworking Projects

Trying your hand at beginner woodworking projects is an ideal approach to getting started in woodworking. It takes a while to perfect your technique in all the skills required to finish a wood project especially a complicated one.

Vinyl Tarps – Look For Durability and Outstanding Quality

Vinyl tarps are well known for their versatility and durability and the makers are highly respected for making these outstanding materials. Customers have a wide variety to choose from, and many are available in different colors, weights as well as vinyl coated polyester tarps. These type of tarps are sold in different weights and can be left untreated for durability purposes.

How a Poly Tarp Can Provide Shelter During a Natural Disaster

Poly Tarps are one of the most versatile covers you can have. They can be used for home projects and for projects with the kids, see how these inexpensive tarps can make life easier for you.

Building It Yourself To Save Money

While most people hire someone to build everything from decks to computers for them, there is a lot to be said about building it yourself. Building it yourself to save money is only one reason to do it on your own, but there are also other advantages to being a Do-it-Yourself person.

How Closet Organization Can Improve Your Life

Nobody likes a messy closet, but it can take some motivation to actually tackle your closet project. Here are some ways closet organization and closet storage can improve not only your closet, but also your life.

Bedini Free Energy Generator – How to Generate Your Own Electricity

The Bedini free energy generator is a device built by electrical engineer and one of the original zero point energy pioneers, John Bedini. It allows for the generation of near-unlimited energy, subject to several minor limitations. In this article, I’ll tell you about Bedini, his generator and how you can use his technology to generate your own electricity, virtually for free.

Perendev Magnetic Motor – How to Generate 30kW Electricty For Free

The Perendev magnetic motor has caught the eye of the world’s media and appears to be the most promising commercial application of magnetic motor technology. In this article, I’ll tell you about Perendev and their motor and how you can also access this electricity generating technology for yourself.

Magnetic Energy Generator For Free Energy – How it Works and How You Can Get One

The magnetic energy generator was for many years nothing but an unproven concept. Today, tens of thousands of enthusiasts the world over are now making their own generators in their garages and within five to ten years the first industrial applications of this technology are expected. In this article, I’ll explain what one is, how it works and how you can get access to this technology for yourself.

Hans Coler Generator – The Electricity Generator Kept Secret by British Intelligence

The Hans Coler generator was one of the first experimental magnetic energy generators of its kind. It is even rumoured that the Nazis used his technology to experiment with in order to find a method of propulsion for hovering saucer-like aircraft. This is reminiscent of today’s governments use of zero point energy to power anti-gravity aircraft, as investigated by Nick Cook.

George Green Magnetic Motor – It Blew Away the UFO Conference, Will it Blow You Away?

The George Green magnetic motor created much fanfare when it was first introduced at a UFO conference several years ago. Could it be a real example of a working device that could be used in every household to generate their own electricity? In this article, I’ll take a closer look.

Howard Johnson Magnetic Motor – Generate Your Own Electricity As Featured in Science & Mechanics

The Howard Johnson magnetic motor is considered to be perhaps the most pioneering invention in magnetic motor technology. Thanks to Johnson’s work, many others have followed in his footsteps to the degree that it is now possible to use a similar device to generate your own electricity at home. Find out more about Johnson’s magnetic motor and see how you can benefit from this technology yourself in order to generate enough electricity to power your home.

Zero Point Energy Generator – Discover the Secret That the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About

The zero point energy generator concept and zero point technology generally are shrouded in much secrecy. There’s a reason why you never hear about this technology through the mainstream media. In this article, I’ll tell you all about the zero point energy generator, the technology and how you can take advantage of it for yourself to generate almost unlimited electricity.

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