Clear EPOXY Resin Makes A Unique Wood Mallet

This was my first epoxy pour insetting a coin into a wood mallet. MY EPOXY MISTAKES can save your project! Ultimately this beginner epoxy project was a success! I learned some valuable tips and tricks while making this epoxy mallet inlay.

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Total Boat Clear Epoxy:
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Measuring Cups:
Blue Magic Polish:
Wagner Heat Gun:
Odie’s Oil:
RZ Mask:
Bench Cookie:
10 Commandments Coin:

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Music used in video: I Can Do Better by Harris Heller

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Canon M50
Canon 22mm Lens:
GoPro Hero 8:
Microphone I Use:

0:00 Intro
1:30 Mixing tabletop epoxy mistakes
3:00 Mixing clear epoxy the right way
4:10 First Epoxy Mallet Pour
6:27 2nd Epoxy Mallet Pour
8:15 Sanding Clear Epoxy
11:25 Polishing clear epoxy
13:20 Epoxy Mistakes to Avoid
15:08 Epoxy Tips and Tricks
19:50 If You’re Still Watching, Good Luck
20:30 Outro

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