Combining my Router Table and Miter Saw Bench to Save Space.

Eliminating my router table by inserting my router lift into my miter saw station. A great way to combine tool benches to save space.

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Crawlspace Drying Techniques

Crawlspaces are for crawling, not swimming. Removing moisture and keeping it out of your crawlspace will help you avoid damages to your property caused by water and/or mold.

Hollow Bolts For An Easy Fix

The construction of steel framed buildings has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. Originally the sums carried out for weight load and stress were done by hand and there was a great tendency to build everything like a battleship so it would stand up no matter what was done with it. Over the years the computer has allowed programmes to be developed that will produce a building complete for purpose at the cheapest rate possible.

Log Home Maintenance For The Best Protection Against The Elements

A brand new log home looks really great if it is finished properly, but if you leave it without maintenance for too long it will start to deteriorate and start to look weathered. Maybe you are experiencing the effects that the weather has on your logs or it could be that you are new to this type of home and you just want to learn what needs to be done to keep it looking great. Whatever your issue is you may want to read this article to avoid the pitfalls of owning a log structure.

DIY and Property Maintenance on Your Home

For many of us our home is our pride and joy; it is one of the biggest investments we are ever likely to make, which means that we spend lots of money on making sure that it looks perfect. The amount of money that we spend on home furnishings and decorating materials each year is often more than we expect; however, because our home looks nice, we feel that it is worth it.

How to Apply Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering is the preferred type of lettering for many types of signs. It is a suitable option for window lettering, vehicle lettering, boat lettering, as well as DIY products that need a professional appearance at an affordable price. Here is some basic information about vinyl lettering and how to apply lettering to a surface.

Planning a New Kitchen

The kitchen is the most used room in any house, as it acts as the social centre to your home. So if you are planning to replace your home, then it is worth carefully planning the contents and the layout of your new kitchen. The more effort you put into the intial planning of your kitchen, the less likley it is that you will run into problems down the line.

How to Install Vinyl Siding on a Garage

Learning how to install vinyl siding on your garage can be very simple if you pay attention to the tips and instructions below. Option: Prior to installing vinyl siding on the garage you may want to install a rodent guard on the bottom of the wall sheathing. This is typically aluminum cladding that is bent at 90 degrees and runs up the sheathing a few inches. The lip wraps around the sheathing (OSB, plywood, or foam) and butts against the footing or foundation.

How To Install Vinyl Siding: Learn To Start Siding Properly So You Don’t Have to Rip It Off

Learning how to install vinyl siding “as you go” will result in many hard and frustrating hours and days to get half way up the building and then… the mistakes become obvious and the painful realization sets in. The siding needs to come off and start from scratch. Worse than starting from scratch as the siding has to be removed from the building and materials are wasted. How to prevent this? Follow a few simple steps to get started correctly rather than “screwing up as you go”.

Unfinished Adirondack Chairs: How to Stain in 6 Steps

In order to take care of and prevent damage to your unfinished Adirondack chairs, you should stain them on a regular basis. Here are 6 steps to follow for properly staining your Adirondack chairs which will protect them against natural elements.

Basic Asphalt Repair Tips for Homeowners

The words “asphalt repair” sound daunting enough at first, but you don’t always have to call a professional contractor and prepare your wallet for the worst. There are several do-it-yourself tips that one can follow for basic asphalt repair tasks and we shall discuss a select few of them in this article. Before undertaking any repair task, you must first get to the bottom of things.

Choosing The Length Of A Chimney Liner

Choosing the length of a chimney liner is important to make sure you get the product right. Do your research and know what you need for your chimney. Also make sure you get the right manufacturer to source your material from. Installing this may cost you a bit, but it is bound to reduce your eventual costs significantly.

What Is Biogas? And Why Biogas Is Important To Play A Role As Renewable Energy?

Learn how to save a sum of money by cut of the electrical bills with simple step and ordinary tools. Biomass energy is one of the renewable energy sources that can generate free energy should be profitable to us.

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