Delta Cruzer Miter Saw Review. Should You Get One?

This is my review of the Delta Cruzer 26-2251 12 inch Sliding Miter Saw Review. I have had this Delta sliding compound miter saw for about four months now and have built dozens of projects with it using both hardwood and softwood.

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Delta Cruzer Saw (Amazon):
Delta Cruzer Saw (Home Depot)
DeWalt DW779 Miter Saw:
FastCap Zero Clearance Tape:

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0:00 Intro
0:44 Cruzer Sliding Feature
1:18 How Stable Is the Delta Cruzer
2:10 Moving The Miter on the Delta Cruzer
3:04 Delta Cruzer Size
3:45 Delta Cruzer Space Saving Saw
4:05 Delta Cruzer Shadow Line Feature
4:47 Positive Stops on Bevels
6:09 Depth Stop On Delta Cruzer
6:36 Delta Cruzer power
7:12 Delta Cruzer Slide Lock
7:34 Power and Light Switches
8:55 Delta Cruzer Cut Capacity
9:35 Delta Cruzer Accuracy
10:15 Delta Cruzer Dust Collection
13:15 Soft Start Miter Saw
14:05 Outro

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