Design And Build Home Furniture // DIY Bed Frames You Can Build Right Now

Ceramic Tile Floor – Kitchen

The nature of tile is it gives floors, walls, and counters a texture that is not found in other building products. We view something tiled to be rich, exquisite, a luxury item. Floors are not very hard to do.

Have You Considered a Log Cabin As a Garden Office?

Working from home, running out of room? Have you considered a log cabin as a garden office? If you work from home and are finding yourself running out of room, you may want to consider purchasing log cabin to act as a garden office.

Picking the Right Greenhouse Building Supplies Begins With a Plan

Glass is not the only option available today for greenhouses. You can choose from many modern materials. Here are some options.

Smart Tips to Install a Shower Massager

There are so many reasons why people decided to install shower massager. Firstly, various settings on water flow actually can be economical when it comes to the water usage. Secondly, if the shower massager comes with hose attachment, you will be easier to shower with handicaps as well as making you easier to bathe your infants and children. Thirdly, the massage that offered by this shower massager certainly becomes the main reason of using this fixture.

Secrets of Grouting to Keep It Simple

This step Finishes the work and creates the Look. I never delegate this process. How you apply the grout and how you clean it up creates the look you will live with for years. Follow these simple steps for a great finish.

Home Solar Power Kits – 3 Steps to Installing Them Yourself

Nowadays, many energy saver devotees have been discovering ways to produce their own energy. One current hot trend is with DIY (do it yourself) solar power kits. These have gained popularity because of their versatility and ease of installation. Given today’s scenario where we are faced with an energy crisis, the demand for solar power and home solar power kits has been rising dramatically.

DIY Damp Treatment

Have a damp area in your house? Why not DIY the damp treatment!

Ceramic Tile For a Porch

I live in the north so this article assumes you have to deal with freezing conditions like I do. If you follow these steps your tile porch will last a long time. Even if it never freezes.

How to Pick the Right Vintage Tub and Bath

I think it’s easy for people to say that they’re going to splash out on a vintage tub and bath to improve their home – but it’s a completely different matter to pick the right one. These types of bathroom item come in as many different designs as you can imagine, made from a wide array of materials. There are probably more types of vintage tub and bath design than there are of regular models.

Building a Fence Without Digging Post Holes and Pouring Concrete

Drivable post support anchors are galvanized metal spikes that you drive into the ground with a sledge hammer or jackhammer in to support your fence posts. Once in the ground, the post slides into the anchor and is secured with bolts or glue. There are many benefits (other than eliminating the digging, of course) to using a drivable anchor: 1) They reduce/eliminate the effects of frost heave – Frost heave happens when the expansion of frozen moisture exerts pressure on your fence posts, eventually “heaving” them out of the ground, resulting in leaning or even broken fences.

Home Automation Prices

For most people who have ever looked into home automation, price seems to be the primary obstacle to getting their home wired up and fully automated. But, little do most people realize, home automation doesn’t cost as much as people have the mistaken impression that it does.

I Had Clutter So I Built a Storage Wall

The toy clutter in my home is overwhelming at times. It seems no matter how often I pick up or re-organize the toys they still find a way to pile up in the living room, down the hallway, into the bedrooms, even the bathroom!

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