Dining Chair Backrest

Installing a Glass Block Window

How to measure, order and install Glass Block Window. With special emphasis on the grout process as this produces the finished look. Where to put the shims and how to clean up for a beautiful finished look. My project took about 6 hours.

DIY Repair – Four Reasons for Doing Your Own Home Repair

Are you tired of paying a fortune for home repair? Why not learn to do it yourself? Not only will DIY Repair save you money, but there are other benefits as well. Among the benefits will be having to do much of the work by yourself and then learning from them.

When You Should Not Repair Your Guttering System

A guttering system can be a good day’s DIY work. However, if your roof is dangerously sloped, then you might want to talk to an expert who has insurance in order to do any maintenance and repair work.

Identify the Different Wood Handrails Stair Parts

There is a wide variety of wood handrails stair parts from which to choose. It all depends on your preference of hand railing style. A popular style, and my personal favorite, is composed of all wood with fillet material set between the stair spindles, which are also known as balusters.

Making Room for Your Winter Wardrobe

Tricks for using space saving hangers, like velvet hangers, to make space for winter clothes. You’ll wonder how you lived without it!

Simple Home Repairs For The Beginner

Home ownership comes at a cost and part of the cost is ongoing home maintenance. Whether it is your own home or an investment property if you can do some of the basic maintenance yourself you will gain experience and confidence plus save around $40-50 an hour by not hiring a professional.

Solar Power Tips – Choosing The Residential Solar System

One should carefully select the residential solar system with the help of good tips. There are few factors and tips that you are required to consider while installing the solar power system for your homes and such tips include: how the system requires to be installed, price of installation, the amount of sunlight that can be received from your home and amount of maintenance the system requires over the period of time. Most of the systems, after every few years need to be maintained, but if the system has few of the mechanical parts, then in that case they need maintenance on a regular basis.

8 Steps To Building Your Own Solar Panels From The Comfort Of Your Home

Building photovoltaic solar energy panels is simple if you know how to do it. Also, you can make a start on reducing your dependence on polluting fossil fuels with this simple but effective step of moving towards solar energy.

Solar Thermal Energy – Build Your Own Solar System

The sun energy when and if converted into thermal energy is known as solar thermal energy. It has applications like power generation, desalination, air heating, water heating, etc. There are a few products that are based on solar thermal energy like solar cooker, solar hot air system, solar desalination system, solar water heating system, etc.

Home DIY Guide for Building Your Own Deck

Building your own deck is a great way to improve the appearance of your home and extend its living space. While home DIY deck building may not be an easy home project for everyone, with the right design, materials, tools and guide, it can give you many years of enjoyment making the effort worthwhile.

Stair Renovation Made Easy

How to change a plain, carpeted staircase into a beautiful oak stair that will add elegance and style to the home. With the right products and a helping hand from your stair expert it is easy and relatively inexpensive.

You Can DIY Green Power With Solar Panel Kits

Solar panel kits might be just the answer for you if you enjoy Do It Yourself (DIY) projects and want to go green without spending a fortune. There is a long history of DIY in the solar energy world…

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