Easy DIY Storage Cabinet Build | How to Build a Simple 2-Door Wooden Cabinet

Solar Panels – Do it Yourself (DIY)

You could significantly lower your monthly electricity bill by building DIY solar panels. There are tons of tutorials and instructional websites online that can teach you how to build solar panels and use them to power things in your home.

Building Chickens Coops – Few Things Before You Begin

Before you even think of building chickens coops you should read this. Building a chicken house on your own is quite inexpensive but you can save even more money if you plan the coop properly.

Courses Can Help DIY Jobs

DIY fanatics may be interested in taking practical courses as many homeowners are keen on improving their kitchens and bathrooms. These homeowners may benefit from taking tiling courses as having the ability to tile to a professional standard would save a significant amount of money on employing a tradesman.

Run in Plans – Caution! Read This Before Buying!

With adequate run in plans, constructing this type of shed should only take you a couple of days to finish the project. If you have never built a shed like this before then there are certain things that you must be aware of before you go and purchase your plans.

Woodworking, Chicken House

We have decided to raise our own chickens and produce our own eggs. Much better than store bought eggs anyway. There are a few considerations to look at before we settle on our chicken house design.

Woodworking – Garage Addition

Are you getting a bit cramped for room in your house? The kids are a bit older now and no longer want to share a bedroom. Maybe that oldest needs somewhere to practice his music and have a band practice with his mates.

How to Install a Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is a great way of creating boundaries around a location like your yard while still keeping the space open and being able to see all around. If you are looking for something to provide seclusion then a chain link fence is probably not the best choice for you unless you are going to plant hedging along the fence.

How to Install a Steel Door and Frame?

The function of a door is to allow entry and exit into an area still it must furthermore give protection from the elements when it is shut. Steel doors are a great method of providing security from intruders and fires.

How To Build an Awesome Treehouse

As a child, nothing seemed simpler than building and the innate need for a treehouse but a few planks of wood, some bent nails, some rope and a trip to A&E later puts you in your place. Realistically the job falls down to any willing adult who is responsible enough to construct something to safely hold a group of children ten feet up in the air.

How to Build a Garbage Shed

In the country, one of the chores we must do is to keep the garbage outside and safe from animals until either a garbage man picks it up or we take it to a landfill. For obvious reasons the bags although technically outside must still be kept in some type of enclosure. Bears and raccoons love people’s garbage and will go to great lengths to get to their favorite foods.

Accessorize Your Home – Build a Bar

Constructing a bar in your home can add to the worth, functionality and aesthetics of your home. A bar will moreover be a really handy feature when you are entertaining and it supplies you a place to put your liquor.

Cramped Closet Tips

Use these simple tips to transform your cramped closet into an organized oasis. Using the right clothes hangers can have a big impact.

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