Finding Work-Life Balance With Your Side Hustle

How do you find that work-life balance when you are working on your side hustle? If you are woodworking part time and have a full time job, you will have to find a way to balance work and family. It can be a challenge to say the least to find that balance between work and home. In this video Mrs. 731 and I discuss how we balance running a side hustle along with family life and full-time jobs. I think that woodworking is one of the best side hustle ideas right now. You can do it from home and make good money doing it. What does it take to run a business while also having a full time job? How many hours per week do you woodwork? How do you balance work and home? Trying to find a healthy balance of a side hustle with a full time job can take some strategic planning and intentional actions on your part. You also have to balance work and your relationship with your spouse or significant other. Trying to do woodworking part time and have a full time job can certainly spread you thin. But if your goal is to make woodworking a full time job, then you have to put in the work and time. Turning a side hustle into a full time job takes a lot of hard work and determination on your part. If you have a family, then you will need a lot of support. Working together with your spouse for a common goal is the only way it is going to work and you both have happiness. It is very difficult to find that balance. We all find ourselves leaning too much to one side or the other at some point, but we have to remain focused on the goals you set for yourself, your family, and what is best for both. Sometimes what is best for the family isn’t best for the side hustle. Put your spouse first and the side hustle second. Always.

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0:00 Intro
1:23 Shoutouts for Gifts
2:51 Work-Lift Balance with a Side Hustle
11:50 Spending Time Together With a Side Hustle
13:45 Making Woodworking Videos
18:36 Selling Woodwork To Family and Friends
22:40 Building The Same Projects Over and Over
23:15 Is Etsy Worth It?
25:22 Being Obsessed With Your Side Hustle
27:33 Increasing Prices on Woodworking Projects
28:58 Selling Projects Too Low
31:07 Taxes and Woodworking
36:00 Woodworking Sponsorships
37:04 Getting Comfortable On Camera
38:50 Batching Woodworking Projects
39:47 Tips for Starting a New Woodworking YouTube Channel
42:42 Injuries Happen Fast
43:00 Side Hustle and Spiritual Life
44:32 Nervous About Quality of Projects
46:14 Advertising Woodworking Projects
47:53 Prototype Woodworking Projects
49:10 Woodworking Mistakes
49:35 Favorite Woodworking Tool
50:39 Neighbors and Woodworking
53:57 Woodworking Thumbnails
54:47 CNC Woodworking Sponsorship
56:13 Singing and Woodworking
59:48 Delta vs Sawstop
1:01:46 Power Tip Time
1:05:45 Outro
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