Fixing Sony’s ZV-1 Camera’s Design Flaws with the Laser Cutter and CNC.

I recently picked up the new Sony ZV-1 camera with the accessory grip for vlogging outside the shop. It’s a great camera but the one thing that bugs me about it is the grip doesn’t have a way to connect to a tripod. So in this video I’m using my Glowforge laser cutter and Inventables X-Carve CNC to make a “pocket” for the grip to slide into and can then be screwed onto a tripod. This is a great example on how modern digital tools can solve problems and make custom fixtures.

Cherry hardwood from Kencraft:

Sony Camera:
Digital Calipers:
Adobe Illustrator:
Illustrator Alternative:
Glowforge Laser Cutter:
Foam Insulation:
Inventables X-Carve CNC:
Double Sided Tape:
F-style Clamps:
Rope cord:
Large Bandsaw:
Large Bandsaw Blade:
Belt Sander:
5 Minute Epoxy:
Random Orbit Sander:

Walnut File Cabinet Build:
Picture Framing Sled:
Dry Erase Magnetic Wall:

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