Getting Started With Tube Bending & Tube Notching | JD Squared Bender & Notchmaster

Learn how to bend tubing with the JD Squared Model 3 Tube Bender and how to fish mouth tubing with the JD2 Notchmaster. This is a general overview of getting started. Typically a tube bender is bolted to the floor but since I need to make mine mobile I’m using the Swag Off Road ram mount to adapt an air/hydraulic ram to my tube bender. This allows me to use an air compressor to effortlessly bend tube to any degree. After bending I show how to fish mouth and tube notch the tube for a proper fit and strong weld. All of the tools and material sources are listed below.

If you want to learn tube bending from a master I suggest the following videos from @The Fabrication Series
Tube Bending Basics 1:
Tube Bending Basics 2:
Tube Bending Basics 3:

Here’s a great video by @BleepinJeep on installing the Swag Off Road Ram Mount:

And another video I suggest watching by @Wings World for prepping your tube for welding:

JD2 Model 3 Tube Bender:
Model 3 Die Set – 1 1/4″ Round:
Notch Master Tube Notcher:
SWAG Hydraulic Ram Mount:
8 Ton Air / Hydraulic Ram Bottle:
1.25″ DOM 0.083 Tubing (Bowling Green, OH):
Air Compressor:
Digital Protractor:
Digital Angle Gauge:
Drill (overkill):
Lube Oil:
Hole Saw Bit:
Belt Grinder:
Welding Table Top:
Welding Helmet:

Getting Started in Mig Welding:
My Metal Shop Tour:

Music by Me:
Patreon Support / Extra Content:
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