How To Apply A Painted Finish On Wood – Wood Finish Recipe 6 | Rockler Skill Builders

How to Apply a Paint Finish to Wood Projects

How to Apply This Finish
1. Sand the project up through the grits to150-grit
a. It is a good idea to sand pieces that will be hard to reach before assembly.
2. If you have any nail holes, cracks or defects in the wood, fill them now with a wood filler — sand smooth
3. Brush on a coat of latex primer — sand smooth when it dries
4. Brush on a coat of Chalk or Milk-Paint. (A second coat may be required)
5. Rub on a coat of colored wax as an accent

Supply Checklist:
– Sandpaper: 80-grit through 220grit (320- and 400-grit recommended)
– Stain Blocker Primer
– Wonderfill Wood Filler
– Milk Paint – Seagull Grey used in video demonstration
– Liberon Wax
– Wood Finishing Value Pack
– Shop towels or clean rags

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