How to Build a Storage Cabinet // Simple Woodworking Project

How to Tie Dye – Seven Steps on How to Do a Good Project

Tie dye is a procedure of dyeing woven fabrics with the use of bright colors. Basically, it involves a process where the material is folded in a particular pattern and then tied with rubber bands or strings. Then you apply dye to only certain parts of the fabric.

How to Build a Pole Barn Style Garage

Two car garages can cost upwards of $25000 today for a simple garage with a concrete floor. With nothing fancy and by using vinyl siding on the exterior, you can build a garage yourself for under $5000.

How to Save Time With Closet Organization

With today’s lifestyles, saving time is a must. It can be difficult to meet the demands of your busy schedule when your closet is hard to manage. Clothing that is wrinkled can force you to spend extra time ironing.

Why DIY Bathroom Remodeling is a Don’t

After all, there are plenty of books and videos on the subject and you did a great job painting the kids’ bedroom last year. However, if you stop and think about what is actually really involved in a bathroom remodel you may just want to think again. The average bathroom remodel involves more than just painting a few walls.

Woodworking4Home – 14,000 Woodworking Plans

I bought Woodworking4Home as a guide to get me through some trouble areas and tough spots when it came to putting together some of my projects as well as giving me ideas of what else I could build. This is a review of the 14,000 plans the product came with.

Installing a Loft Ladder

Installing a loft ladder is quite easy, assuming you have a bit of hands on knowledge. The first step to doing this is getting the right loft ladder. Take a look at the size of your man hole, and the height of the ceiling.

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