How to Drill Any Size Hole in Wood // Woodworking Tips

How to Drill Any Size Hole in Wood // Woodworking Tips…In this video, I show you how to drill any size hole in wood – specifically, a 4″ hole starting with a 2-1/2″ Forstner bit. Sometimes you just don’t have the right size bit for drilling the hole size you need. When you have a rabbeting bit and a flush trim bit, you can virtually make any size hole as long as your bearings are in the increments you need. Once you have your final diameter dialed in, you can make an additional template to add to your catalog of templates so you always have that specific size ready to go. Hopefully this video showed you how to drill any size hole in wood with a couple woodworking techniques you’ve never tried before. Stay tuned for more woodworking tips and shop jig videos!! #kjsawdust #woodworkingtips #keithjohnsonwoodworking

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0:00 I don’t have a big enough bit.
0:19 I locked up my drill press.
1:04 What’s a rabbeting bit?
2:13 Let’s rabbet!
2:39 What’s a flush trim bit?
3:00 Let’s flush trim!
3:22 Let’s rabbet again!
3:46 Let’s flush trim again!
4:08 Perfectly sized hole??
4:41 Make a catalog of templates!
5:36 I got a haircut and Jerry is a weirdo.
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2-½” Forstner Bit:
Whiteside Rabbeting Bit Set:
Lead Holder:
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Whiteside Flush Trim Bit:
Digital Calipers:
Walker’s Razor Slim Ear Muffs:
Pony Jorgensen Clamps:
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