How to Make a Picture Frame Sled. Perfect Miters Every Time.

How to make a picture frame sled for perfect miters every time! This genius sled eliminates math when trying to determine the length because it measures from inside the rabbet. In order to make perfect picture frames you need two things… One the two corner pieces must add up to 90° and the short sides as well as the long sides must be the exact same length. Picture frames are not measured by the inside or outside length but by the rabbit so we can set the stop to create a frame for the exact size of your artwork.

Maple and Plywood Provided by Kencraft:

Get the plans for this picture frame sled here:

Table Saw:
Speed Square:
Framing Square:
CA Glue:
Palm Sander:
Paste Wax:
Digital Angle Gauge:
Adhesive Backed Sandpaper:
Toggle Clamps:
Squeeze Clamp:
Drill & Countersink Bit:

Frame Glue-up Jig Video:
Spline Jig Video: COMING SOON!
How to Make Picture Frames:


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