How to Make a Wooden Set Of Tables And Chairs – Step by Step Guide

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Battery Reconditioning

Battery reconditioning is not hard to learn. The fastest and most economical method of reconditioning your battery is easy with a few helpful hints.

Red Tarps Use and How This Tarp Can Help You

The red tarps are rare. You hardly ever see them in stores but they do have a specific use that may help you.

DIY Solar Panel Made Simple

Here, you will see the benefits of installing a solar panel in your home, such as tapping into a safe, reliable, abundant source of power that’s way better for the environment, not to mention saving a TON of cash on your power bill! You’ll come to know just how simple a DIY solar panel installation can be, with the proper instruction.

Wood Sauna Heaters – So Many Types to Choose From

Should you choose a wood sauna heater or go with the newer infrared model? When deciding between the two models, you will find many of the differences come down to personal preference.

What Everyone Must Know When Buying a Prebuilt Sauna

With hundreds of prebuilt sauna kits on the market, installing a home sauna is a great start in finding ways to pamper yourself. These do-it-yourself kits are a snap to install.

DIY Homemade

Did you know it is very possible that you can have your own personal energy supply and not have to rely on the main grid? You can also set up and run your own supply grid to your neighbors.

Find Out Where to Buy RV Tarps

There are all kinds of tarps out there but the RV tarps wrap around the RV for a perfect fit. You can always use a regular tarp but consider the more custom RV tarps.

Some Advice For Home DIY Beginners

When you are doing home DIY it is really important to have some good equipment early on. You don’t have to go crazy, but it is important to have the basics ready.

Fitting a Solar Light to Your Shed

This handy DIY article covers the selection and fitting of a solar light to your garden shed. Included in the article is handy advice to consider when choosing where to place the light in your shed for best results.

An Analog Project For Digital Kids

As a parent, are you stumped by the problem of finding something for the kids to do that in some way is the equivalent of the projects you did with your parents? You know, the racing car, the tree house or rebuilding the hot rod. Now every time you say “project” or “let’s build” they run and hide inside the closet with their iPod.

Do it Yourself Tiling

First things first…make sure that the walls you are going to tile onto are sound! Tiling over old crumbling plaster is not a great start, obviously, and needs to be re-plastered or replaced with plaster board or tile backer boards (such as Hardibacker). Tiling onto existing tiles should be avoided if possible, as you can never be 100% certain of what is underneath them!

Make a Wooden Picnic Table and Keep the Kids Happy

With the summer months coming to an end I decided to take a look what projects I hadn’t completed, which ones I would leave until next year, and the ones which I should complete asap. As I was searching through my toolbox I came across a set of plans I recently bought online and I remembered promising the kids that I would make a wooden picnic table for them As my children spend a lot of time outdoors I thought that constructing a picnic table would allow them to have fun and hopefully bring them closer together.

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