How to Start a $30K/Month Woodworking Business

What does it take to start a woodworking business? Today we’re taking a behind-the-scenes tour of Westbrook Carpentry and Millwork, a $30K/month woodworking business that’s become one of the most sought-after carpentry shops in Seattle.

Daniel Westbrook is a third-generation woodworking craftsman, and that long experience is the cornerstone of Westbrook Carpentry and Millwork’s success. Today, he’ll talk us through the woodworking tools you need to open a home woodworking business, along with how much it costs to start, what experience is a must-have, and other advice about woodworking for beginners.

You can’t make money woodworking if you don’t have customers. We’ll hear Daniel’s marketing strategies for reaching the right customers, and how (and why) he rebranded his company from Westbrook Restorations to Westbrook Carpentry and Millwork. The types of woodworking projects he took on changed, too. We’ll find out the pros and cons of working on smaller projects compared to whole home restorations, and how to start a woodworking business that focuses on either niche.

Woodworking is a career with a long tradition, and this tradition is integral to Daniel’s business values. We’ll find out why concepts like hard work, respect, and trust are important to him as a business leader, what living those values looks like in the real world, and how holding to those principles has helped him sustain long-term growth.

Whether you’re looking to woodworking tips, how to earn money woodworking or business strategies, we think you’ll learn a lot from listening to Daniel’s story! You can learn more about Westbrook Carpentry and Millwork at their website,

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0:00 Intro
1:52 Meeting Daniel
2:56 Revenue
3:55 Initial Budget
4:56 Monthly Expenses
6:16 Daniel’s Other Businesses
7:04 Inside Look To Daniel’s Truck
8:44 Advertising
10:02 Equipment
11:10 Most Important Skillset
12:40 Inside Look of Daniel’s Truck Part 2
14:07 Skill an Entrepreneur Needs To Have
14:57 Estimating Cost of Projects
16:27 Daniel’s Advice For Those Just Starting Out
17:13 Social Media
18:15 Shop Setup
20:18 Advantages or Disadvantages to Employees
21:54 Insurance
23:49 Tools in the Shop
24:55 Seasonal?
26:01 Daniel’s Current Project
27:35 Profit Margins
29:03 Mistakes
30:24 Competitiveness in the Industry
31:50 Daniel’s Biggest Challenge
33:03 Switching From Hands-on to General Contractor
34:37 How To Increase Your Hours
37:30 What’s Next For Westbrook Carpentry

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