If I Had to Start From 0, This is What I Would Do to Grow a Woodworking Business

I want to share my top 10 tips that have helped me grow a woodworking business from the ground up. These woodworking tips and information are not guaranteed to work for you but I hope you get value out of this information and can apply it to your business. My goal is to help you grow your woodworking business and help you make money woodworking. Amazon and other affiliate links are used in this description to help support this channel.

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0:00 Tips for Growing a Business
0:29 Have a Business Plan
1:29 Love What You Do
2:03 It Takes Time to Grow
2:42 Do You NEED That Tool?
3:05 Require a Deposit
3:46 Have an Income Source
4:18 LLC For Woodworking
5:28 How to Find Customers
9:09 Selling Woodwork Online
9:53 Don’t Be Lazy
10:47 Customers Wanting Lower Prices

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