Impressive Woodworking Project // Dressing Tables To Make Your Room More Luxe

Log Cabin Siding – Is it a Good Idea?

Log cabin siding is an idea that isn’t so very new, but it is new to some. Basically, it is the application of half-logs to the exterior of an already built, standing home, to be used as siding.

Beautifying Your Garage Floor

So you’ve decided to take the plunge into making your dingy garage floor look fresh and attractive. You’ve moved out all your junk, swept, cleaned and power washed, but now what? There are many options to choose from when it comes to protecting your concrete floor and making it attractive and unique at the same time.

Installing a Drip Irrigation System For Your Outdoor Container Garden

Installing a drip irrigation system is easy and will save you from daily waterings. With a drip irrigation system your daily garden check should only take a few minutes.

Loft Conversions – A Beginner’s Guide

If your thinking about converting your loft then there are a few key areas that need to be discussed and decided before work commences. Use our beginners guide to help you make informed choices.

Repair it Yourself Or Call the Expert?

We’ve all been there – you’re heading out for a day of lawn work and your lawn mower won’t start. The big question before you now, should you try to fix the lawn mower yourself or should you call the experts? Here are a few scenarios to help you decide whether you should attempt the lawn mower repair at home or bring it to an authorized repair person.

Small Shed Plans – Save Yourself Some Space

If you are like me you have a problem storing things in your home. Your closets are full, so are your drawers and every other nook and cranny.

Stylish Concrete Resurfacing Techniques You Can Do Yourself

If you have a concrete surface that is just an eye-sore, let’s go ahead and make it beautiful again. But this time, it doesn’t have to be plane. Concrete can literally look like anything.

How to Remove a Bee Hive

All people will encounter them once in their lifetime: bees. When you are a homeowner with a garden that is full of nectarine flowers you are probably used to have these insects around you. But bee hives are not always located in trees, often they are located in sheds, in walls, under awnings and more place in and around your house. If you have someone in your family who is allergic for bee stings having a bee hive in the area can be a really dangerous situation. The smart thing to do when you encounter a large bee hive is to call a professional to remove it.

The DIY Homeowner – Tools Used For Disassembling

If you encounter problems around the house and you have to repair or simply upgrade an item, it may be that you will need not only tools for fastening, cutting or joining but also tools for disassembling things. That is why you should know what such tools are there on the market which are fit for simple tasks around the house and that you may want to keep in your own toolbox just in case.

The DIY Homeowner – Tools For Applying

Whoever doesn’t want to depend on repairmen whenever there is something to fix around the house needs to have the right tools in his toolbox. There are different types of repairs and different types of tools accordingly. If we were to put them into categories, we would find tools for measuring and marking, for fastening and joining, for cutting, for disassembling and for applying. Of course there are tools that can be put to more than one use and others that will be paired for a certain job.

Must Haves in Your Tool Kit – The Electric Drill and the Flashlight

There are several tools that you should have in your toolbox if you want to fix things yourself instead of depending on repairmen and they can be put into categories like this: tools for measuring and marking, for cutting, for fastening and joining, for disassembling and for applying. Disregarding these categories, there is only one basic power tool – the electric drill – and one tool that will assist you in whatever repairing process – the flashlight.

The DIY Homeowner – Tools For Fastening and Joining

Whoever wants to be able to improve or repair things around the house himself or herself must have tools appropriate for the job. There are cutting tools, tools for measuring and marking, for fastening and joining, for applying and for dismantling. A toolbox should have them all, but here we will discuss the fastening and joining tools.

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