Intro to Joinery – Understanding the Basics to be a Better Woodworker

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Dowel Jig:

Pocket Hole Jig:

Ryoba Handsaw:

Miter Gauge:

Rabbeting Bit:

Tongue and Groove Bit Set:

Flat Top Grind Blade (FTG) for Joinery:

Dovetail Router Bit:





Dowel Desk For my son with Plugged Screws:

Dowel Jig:

Wood Movement Calculator from Jonathan Katz-Moses:

Table with Hidden Spline Miter Joint:

Box with Brass Splines (Router Table Spline Jig):

Drill Press Angle Jig:

Exact Width Dado Jig:

6 Ways to Cover Plywood (Tongue and Groove info):

Angled Bridle Joint How To:

Whole Table build with Angled Bridle Joint:

Tenoning Jig:

3 Way Bridle Joint:

Loose Tenon Jig:

Alternative methods to a Domino Joint:

Tablesaw Finger Joint/Box Joint Jig:


Box without reinforcements in Miter:

Record Player Stand with Sliding Dovetail in Base:


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Voiceover Mic:



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0:00 Intro
0:19 reMarkable
2:31 Butt Joint
8:02 Miter
10:36 Dados, Grooves, and Rabbets
13:09 Tongue and Groove
14:08 Lap Joints
16:42 Bridle Joint
18:11 Mortise and Tenon
19:37 Loose Tenon
20:33 Box Joints
21:43 Dovetails
23:06 Sliding Dovetail
24:07 Outro

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