Make Your Woodworking Projects Unique | Creator Spotlight Episode 1

Who do I think is the best at making wood American flags? Let’s find out! Being unique is key to having a successful woodworking business. You have to stand out from the crowd if you want to sell woodworking projects. Flags are some of the most popular woodworking projects that sell. If you can seperate yourself from the crowd by building a woodworking project different than the rest, the sales will come. I want to start featuring creators on this channel as a way to give back to the maker community. In episode 1 of Creator Spotlight, I’m featuring Twisted Oaks Flag Company. Twisted Oaks makes some of, if not the, most unique wood flags out of anyone I’ve seen on the internet. I’m a big fan of Jeremy’s work. He uses a combination of wood and metal to make amazing works of art with his flag build! I’ve followed Jeremy’s work for quite a while now and as we got to know each other decided to do a collaboration. I want to thank Jeremy for sending this flag for us to unbox and review. It is such an amazing wood flag design. Check out his other designs on his Instagram page linked below.

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0:29 Unboxing Wood Flag
1:32 Wood Flag Review
3:39 How To Hang a Wood Flag
4:50 Outtakes
6:18 Outro

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