Mrs. 731 Gets A New Nissan Altima VC-Turbo Delivered by Carvana

I know this isn’t woodworking related, but I wanted to let the public know how awesome of a woman Mrs. 731 really is. She sacrifices so much for us. 8 years ago Mrs. 731 gave up her car so that our family could make it through some tough financial times. We needed the truck as a family more than the car, so she freely gave up her vehicle. She has shared the truck with me for 8 years. She never once complained or got frustrated about her car being gone and having to share. Today, she got her own set of wheels! She picked out a 2019 Nissan Altima VC-Turbo Platinum Edition One. We purchased it new from Carvana. It had 300 miles on it when it was delivered by the Carvana truck (friendly driver too). It was such a seamless and fun experience. No salesmen. No haggling. Just awesome. I cannot express how happy I am for her! She does so much for everyone else, always sacrifices her needs ahead of her family’s. She’s an absolutely amazing wife and mother. She deserves way more than I could ever give her! I am so thankful she chooses me everyday!

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