My NEW Favorite Tool from Harbor Freight | Hydraulic Table Cart

The 500 Lbs. hydraulic table cart can be a life saver in your shop. Today let’s chop it up and modify it! Brought to you by Squarespace. For 10% off your first purchase, go to:

Dimide Clamp:

Clamps (Cheaper at store):
Disc Sander:
Spindle Sander:
Hydraulic Table Cart:
Drill Press:`
Angle Grinder:
Kneeling Pad (similar):
Gorilla Tape:

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Keep Swallows Away With Bird Netting

Each year, usually in March, the swallows return from their winter home in Argentina, to build their mud nests and produce new offspring in Southern California and other places in the United States.  In some cities they are revered as almost spiritual, there are parades and festivals to honor the birds; they are even protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.

Woodworking Shop Tips

Only an enthusiastic woodworker can understand the ongoing obsession of another avid woodworker in wanting to improve the functionality of their shop. As one advances in skill and acquires more woodworking tools and equipment, the shop must be able to accommodate these additions.

How to Fix Holes in Your Walls

Over time our homes can become run down and in need of repairs. If you have noticed that you have a few worn down spots or holes in your walls, here is a quick, easy way to fix them before they grow into large problems.

Outdoor Kitchen – Designs and Ideas on a Budget

Create an outdoor oasis to satisfy your needs and expectations. A piece of paradise outside your door where family and friends can also enjoy this retreat.

The Best Photo Book Websites and Software

Whether you have taken a roil of old fashioned photographs and had them developed, or you have a memory stick full of digital photographs, the time will come when you want to capture those slices of life between the pages of a real photo album, not just on negatives or saved in your computer. Even today, many of us have friends and family that don’t live in cyberspace! However, the thought of making one or more scrapbooks is a daunting challenge for most people. If you have regular print photographs, for instance, you would have to sort out the best, have several copies made of each, and buy photograph albums or scrapbooks and all the extras to make something special.

How To Create a Photo Book

Now that digital cameras are a common feature in most households, do it yourself digital photo books are becoming a popular and relatively inexpensive gift option. Most people have either bought themselves a digital camera or used cell phone cameras to take digital photographs, and many people regularly use digital photo sharing websites or attach stored photographs to emails. Why not go one step further and create a digital scrapbook, for yourself or for family and friends?

Top Tiling Tips When Decorating Your Home

If you are planning to decorate your home using tiles then you have many options for how to go about it. Here are some useful tips when you first start out that may help you to get more out of your tiling.

DIY Testing for Unhealthy Molds in Your Home

A newer generation of DIY home mold test kits have recently come onto the market offering distinct advantages over traditional mold test kits. In this article we focus on the employment of antibody-based rapid analysis test kits for detection of specific molds associated with water-damage in the home.

How to Save on Your Next Remodeling Project With a Little Do-It-Yourself

When it comes to remodeling and renovations, taking a do-it-yourself approach can help you save money on your next project. By taking the time to research the ins and outs of your next remodeling project, you can identify and take on some steps in the process that do not require a lot of know-how and could save you time and money by taking them off the contractor’s hands.

Building a Chicken Coop – 4 Important Factors

Successfully building a chicken coop requires that you have a good set of chicken coop plans handy and this is probably what any wood worker will tell you. It is actually quite common that people overlook the importance of plans and find themselves making costly mistakes as the project progresses.

Why DIY Bathrooms and Kitchens Aren’t Always a Good Idea

When you’re thinking of installing a new bathroom or kitchen in your home, there are two options: doing it yourself or hiring a professional firm. This article looks at why it is sometimes better to avoid DIY and leave it to the experts.

Why Lean-To Conservatories Remain a Popular Choice

Lean-to conservatories are as popular as they’ve ever been. The lean-to conservatory, often called a traditional or sun lounge conservatory, is fairly basic in appearance but is a very practical choice because it makes the absolute best use of your available space. The lean-to conservatory is also a very popular option for cottages and bungalows because the style works well with properties with low eaves.

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