New Laser Cutter With Some Crazy Features. | Makeblock Laserbox

Check out the new Laserbox from Makeblock. This laser cutter and engraver with a built in camera can scan and cut even without a computer. We go over some of these features and compare it to the Glowforge. Like most 40 watt lasers it can cut and engrave wood, acrylics, cardboard, leather and paper. We put some of these features to the test and make a couple pieces of art. Learn more about the Laserbox from Makeblock:

Laser cutter was provided by Makeblock. This is a full review and Makeblock did not pay me or give me any talking points. They also did not review this video before posting. I did my best to give an honest review to provide you more information if you are looking to buy a laser cutter/engraver.

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It sounds like a daunting task to replace a broken fence post but it is not as difficult as it may seem. It does take a bit of elbow grease and a few simple tools you probably already have in the shed or garage. Where do you start? First you need to assess the project and the damage. Did the post rot and just break or was it sheered off due to some nasty weather conditions. Is there still a remaining stump or is it broken off at the ground or concrete level? Typically, most fence posts are set into the ground using concrete but others are installed using packed dirt in the fence post hole. First you will need to remove the old post and concrete and once removed, install the new post in its place and re-attach your fence panels. If you have a couple of hours set aside, and a small number of tools, you can do the project yourself, save money and feel proud for accomplishing something that seemed quite difficult. Continue reading and I will step you through the process and you can fix your fence over the course of a weekend.

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Why Termite Barriers Fail

Every time you hear a termite horror story or see a TV news program that shows termites scurrying though crumbling timber, it is because the termite barrier has failed. Termite barriers are supposed to be put in place during the building process. Here in Australia, there are Standards for termite barriers but still they fail.

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