Recreating a broken window piece. Vintage Window Restoration.

Watch me fumble my way through fixing an old window for a friend. I thought this would be a quick and simple project but we ran into a few obstacles along the way.

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Top 6 Mistakes Made When Building a Shed

Discover six common mistakes folks make when building a backyard shed for storing and working on garden equipment, or any other needs they may have. Mistakes made center around not having a permit, damaged utility underground lines, buying the wrong materials, and not know the easements.

Hardcore Handyman Hiring Secrets From A Seasoned Home Inspector

Get your home repair jobs done right the first time. When hiring a handyman avoid time, money, and headaches by getting tough and doing your own work ahead of time.

How to Repair Your Broken Sink Yourself

Being a handyman at home and a do-it-yourself kind of guy is something that every man of the house is certainly proud of. Who wouldn’t want to be the one who is able to solve simple problems at home that would leave others scratching their heads or frustrated with their inability to provide the right answers or solutions?

Gazebo Plans for Sale – What You Need To Know About Online Gazebo Blueprints

If you are planning to build a gazebo, you should check out the gazebo plans for sale on the market. Nowadays, more and more people are deciding to add a gazebo to their homes. Gazebos are useful practically and are also aesthetically appealing.

Wooden Gazebo Plans – Build The Perfect Gazebo

Wooden gazebo plans are useful when deciding to build a gazebo. Gazebos are excellent additions to landscapes. They can serve as a guest area in which you can take your guests for tea or coffee. When you have a gazebo, you can easily relax after a hard day’s work. You can simply go to your garden, sit back, and enjoy the beautiful view of your landscape. Gazebos can even add value to your home.

Outdoor Gazebo Plans – Selecting The Best Gazebo Blueprints

Outdoor gazebo plans make excellent guidelines for homeowners who wish to add a gazebo to their homes. A gazebo is generally an open-sided, free-standing structure that has a roof. It is usually used for tea parties and other social events.

Tips For Cutting Costs When Building An Outdoor Shed

In these economic times, very few people have the funds to either have a contractor build a shed for storage or buy a pre-fabricated shed kit to build it ourselves. Affordability is always a concern these days and that is why we need to seek out ways to cut costs when planning and building an outdoor shed.

Benefits Of A Custom Designed Outdoor Shed

A fantastic aspect of owning a customized outdoor shed is the small amount of work required by you. You simply need to provide the designer the specifications for what you want, such as the style, color, size, and the actual shape and then sit back and watch. This is a big bonus having a custom made shed built the way you want it in compliance with your specifications and local building code.

Keep Repair And Replacement Costs Low By Purchasing A Quality Home Warranty Plan

Homeowners purchase appliances and systems within their home in accordance to their basic needs, preferences, and desires. Every household needs electricity, and with it a slew of home appliances that make life a lot more convenient-stoves or ovens for whipping up delectable dishes (and occasionally experimenting for celebratory dinners, bake sales, or parties), refrigerators for safe storage of perishable food, clothes washers and dryers to make going through loads of laundry a breeze, and heating and air conditioning units to regulate the indoor temperature no matter what the season, to name a few. Of course, as time passes…

How To Repair Water Damaged Gyprock

This is a step-by-step guide to repairing water damaged gyprock (also known as plaster or drywall). This method can be used by both professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

A Beginner’s Guide For Building a Shed

Are you looking for some advice related to constructing an outdoor shed for your backyard? This article is going to provide answers to questions you may be asking about constructing a shed related to shed design, foundations, siding option, doors, flooring, and materials.

Don’t Fall: Holiday Ladder Safety

Have you ever had a close call on a ladder? Follow these six tips for staying safe.

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