Sewing Machine Tripod Reuse Project // How to Make a Table from a Singer Sewing Machine Base

Woodworking Patterns – Chicken Houses

It is very difficult now to keep a good balanced diet. Supermarket food is so full of preservatives and our produce is far from fresh when we get it. There is a big swing back to the basics of home grown produce so we know that what we are eating is fresh and free form many of the horrible chemicals that are used now by so many food growers. Another big plus is growing our own farm fresh eggs by keeping our own chickens. The whole process is not difficult and we can combine chicken farming with veggie growing to have each practice compliment each other.

Woodworking Patterns – Beds

We all know that we spend a big part of our life in bed. So our bed has to be comfortable.

How to Build an Awning

An awning can be a great addition to an outdoor space within close proximity of any home. It can be very appealing and can add a beautifying touch to any house, but, most importantly, it is a productive way to get shade on very hot summer days.

Fine Wood Working Projects For Kids

Parents can help their kids in deciding which project to do. Kids usually will want to make something big, but this may be outside their skill set at the present. So you should choose something that is attractive enough that they want to do it and yet also simple and practical for them so that they can actually finish it.

Reasons to Build an HHO Generator and the Technology Behind It

One of these HHO generators installed in your car will produce a major advance in gas mileage without too much labor and is also simple to do and very economical. It doesn’t cost too much capital to erect an HHO generator and it will improve your gas operation by at least 30% if it is correctly applied to your cars engine.

Retaining Walls – Is it a Suitable DIY Project?

Retaining walls can be functional or beautiful, depending on your landscaping needs. While you may be tempted to tackle this project on your own, you have to realize that there is a great deal of planning and work involved in building a structurally sound, safe, and effective retaining wall that also satisfies building codes.

Dreaming of a Gazebo?

Once more, it’s summer time, and your mind is turning into building a gazebo. Without a doubt, these types of structures keep growing in popularity.

Installing Your Own Water Heater

Your next door neighbor was up all night dealing with a busted water heater and you just spent the last half hour listening to him complain. He had rusty water pouring out of the ceiling, because the water heater was up in the attic above the master bedroom.

Making an Old Shed New – Ideas For Updating Your Shed

Tired of looking out your back window at an ugly, weathered backyard shed? What to do without having to go to the trouble and expense of building a shed? Is your better half nudging you to “do something about that ugly shed?” One can’t deny, even the ugliest of sheds is better than no shed.

How to Prep a Driveway For Asphalt Paving

Although most people do not have the tools or equipment to actually install an asphalt driveway there are many things you can do to prepare the drive for paving work. The driveway without exception must have a solid base underneath to pave upon. Soft or wet spots are the most common reason for failure of the pavement itself. Cracking or alligatoring means the ground is…

Entry Into a Loft

Having a loft is a great idea. It uses up your space more efficiently, doesn’t cost much to get set up and it’s a great little hideaway. The biggest issue with a loft is finding a way to get up and down comfortably.

Woodworking Patterns, Pergola

Things are starting to get desperate in the energy department. Our power charges are increasing all the time forcing some to look for alternate ways to power their home. Solar is a good option if you get a bit of sunshine but it is so expensive to set up.

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