String Art Woodworking Project You Can Make with the Kids!

Simple and easy project you can make with the kids using some wood, string and nails. A great way to capture a moment in time that’s filled with fun memories. You don’t need many tools and can be made with materials you may already have lying around the house!

String Art Book:
Foam Insulation Board:
Large Bandsaw:
Oil Finish (any finish will work):
Smooth Shank Nails:
Large Head Nails:
Crochet Thread:
Epoxy Resin (any epoxy will work):

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Benefits of Cheap Solar Energy

Solar energy will one day power our homes and help us free ourselves and our planet from pollutants and other emissions that are produced when burning fossil fuels for energy (most specifically, electricity). With cheap solar panels, we will be able to harness the power of the sun to power not only our electrical systems, but also our vehicles. It will also help us heat our water and our food.

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A History of Woodworking

We know from the discoveries made by archeologists that, long before written history, wood was used for shelter, tools, weapons, culinary implements, and even decorative items such as jewelry. Significant advances in craftsmanship and construction complexity would, however, await the availability of iron as a harder-than-wood cutting edge. By Biblical times, we know that tool technology and work methods were considerably advanced, providing a solid foundation for later developments.

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