The Carpenter’s First Job Has To Do // How to Build a DIY Workbench

The Carpenter’s First Job Has To Do // How to Build a DIY Workbench
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Installing a Basic Expanded Mesh Screen on an Existing Rain Gutter System!

When installing any screen onto an existing gutter system the first thing you will want to do is make sure the existing gutters have been completely cleaned out! This is a very important, often overlooked or hurried step. How well you clean out the gutters before putting on your leaf screens directly effects how long you will get to enjoy gutters that work well before you start the unsung job of cleaning out gutters.

Safety First When Performing DIY

When undertaking DIY your safety is the most important thing to consider. DIY can be very dangerous if you are inexperienced and if you don’t take your safety seriously enough. When using power tools and other DIY equipment it is important to realise the safety risks involved. There are hundreds of accidents in the home every week resulting from a lack of safety using DIY tools and equipment. Below we have outlined a number of tips for working safely with DIY tools and equipment.

How to Paint Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding fades after several years and needs to be replaced or painted to keep the home looking new. Until recently, painting vinyl was not an option. Now the option is available and there are many colors to choose from.There are a few tips and tricks to cleaning and painting vinyl siding.

Top Tips For Building Children’s Beds

Modern flat-pack furniture is great for ease of import and delivery, enabling manufacturers and retailers to keep costs down. But this also means that consumers often have to build furniture themselves, a task that many are not used to. Here are a few tips to take you through the process of building a children’s bed in a systematic way.

Pick a Weekend Project With Your Family

Doing home improvement projects can be fun yet challenging. Learning how to build stuff with one’s own hands is a rewarding experience. Parents, kids and other relatives can learn how to do things together.

Preparing Your Outdoor Furniture for Winter

In the months right before winter, homeowners must prepare for several things. One of those things is putting the outdoor furniture away for the season. However, before you put your furniture away, you should take steps to clean them and prepare them for storage.

How to Give Your Home Protection From Water Damage During A Storm

It is natural to look to your home for protection from the outside elements, as well as for the inner security that comes from knowing that you have your own place to take refuge in any time you want or need to. When you take into account how much security you look to your home to provide you with, it only makes sense that you should do whatever is necessary to provide your home with the protection it requires as well. Some of this protection will come from general maintenance, while some will come from taking extra precautionary measures when you know a threat may be nearby. One of the most severe problems that your home is vulnerable to is the effects of water damage, so take this into account the next time that a severe storm is headed in your direction and do what you can to keep your home safe and dry.

Who Makes the Best Miter Saw for the Buck?

If you’re in the market to purchase a miter saw, or just want to learn more about them, please read this article. In it you will find out how the work, what they do and which one is best for which job.

A Guide To Wood Shed Plans

Anytime you can take raw materials and turn them into something functional, such as a wood shed, it’s a great feeling. No matter what the project is, the woodworker can really feel proud about what he or she has accomplished. But in order to successfully create anything, let alone a wood shed, the right plans need to be in place.

Shed Construction And Woodworking Tips

Is this your first time building a woodworking shed? If it is, then you will need to do your homework before getting started. While a shed is a very simple structure, building one can be a little more complicated especially if you don’t have much in experience.

Wine Rack Plans That Fit Your Needs

Wine connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike know that wine gets better with age. What shouldn’t be underestimated however, is the value of a good wine rack to the wine aging process not only stylish but also functional. In maintaining a proper and enviable wine collection, a suitable and appropriate wine rack can make the difference and knowing which design is most fitting to your needs, you must first understand the form and styles of available wine racks.

DIY Adirondack Chair Plans

One of the most interesting outdoor furniture pieces that you can have is an Adirondack chair. It has a very roomy seat, a reclining back rest and wide armrests. Even without a cushion, this is such a comfortable chair which you can use to lounge around under the sun.

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