Home Improvement Must Haves – Building A Shed – Materials Needed And How To Get Good Shed Plans

Building a shed is a very straightforward process if you have the right shed plans and materials. Here are some of the materials you’ll need and ideas on how you can get your hands on good storage building plans.

Bunk Bed Plans – 4 Creative Bunk Bed Ideas

Bunk beds can be used in a variety of ways to make children’s rooms look great while saving space. If you don’t want to purchase bunk beds, which can be pricey, and enjoy woodworking building projects then following bunk bed plans is a fun way to get started. Whether you are building or buying the bunk beds, here are some creative ways to put them together.

Groovy Tongue and Groove Tips

The first tool one would need when embarking on a tongue & groove installation is an air compressor and its accompanying nailer or stapler. These tools make installation fast, easy, and something anyone can do. For flooring I would suggest using a stapler over a nailer as staples have a stronger hold – which is especially important for your FLOORS.

Five Pieces of Tiki Bar Furniture to Include in Your Tiki Bar

There are many things to consider when creating your own tiki bar to make the experience enjoyable for you and your guests. Some of these considerations include accessories and furniture. In this article I will be going over 5 important pieces of furniture to include with your custom tiki bar.

Space Saving With Round the Corner Garage Doors

While designing a garage, security is the foremost consideration which is paramount. Besides security, appearance of the door also plays an important role in creating a visual appeal.

The Handyman and Fitness

Home improvements and your fitness are equally as important! You can’t do one without the other!

Paper-Thin Wall Woes

We’ve all heard the phrase “paper-thin walls” and I guess it kinda carries with it a sort of negative connotation. Forgive my brutal honesty, but no one likes hearing every fart and burp from their kids’ bedroom – or worse yet, their living room! And the thing is, if you can hear their noises, they can probably hear YOUR noises as well.

Renew and Reuse Screws With These 4 Tricks

The result of taking out and reseating a screw is usually a damaged slot. This is especially true if your screwdriver blade did not fit the screw. You can try to restore the old screw if you do not have a new screw to replace it. Start this by making the slots of the screw deeper.

Shading Your Conservatory With Pinoleum Blinds

Shading a conservatory, especially one that is south-facing, can be a problem in summer and even on bright winter days, so here’s a short history of pinoleum blinds, probably the original conservatory shading material While there are a number of businesses making pinoleum blinds today, the French company Ballauff were the original pinoleum blind makers having started doing so in 1872 in their factory just outside Paris. Ballauff’s original blinds were popular with Victorian conservatory owners in the 19th century and if you are building a Victorian conservatory today, for authenticity…and effectiveness, you should consider using pinoleum.

The Home-Built Wind Turbine – 4 Things You Should Consider Before Building Your Own Wind Turbine

A home-built wind turbine is relatively simple to install and it is great way to save money on electricity. Before you begin your project, review this checklist to help your project go smoothly.

Tiling Your Bathroom Floor – Step by Step Instructions From a Professional

Are you tired of looking at that old vinyl floor in your bathroom? You’d like to upgrade, but you can’t afford to hire a tile contractor to do the job. If you know how to read a measuring tape, you can lay a tile floor yourself. It’s not really that difficult. This article will cover the steps to tiling your bathroom floor.

Should You Be Your Own Contractor?

Have you dreamed about building a custom home for yourself and your family? Considering the volumes of books on the subject, it appears to be a popular choice for those who want to save money on their next home. Read this article to find out if you will be successful acting as your own general contractor.

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