This new CNC can do things others can’t! Check out the amazing Stepcraft M-Series!

Showing off some of the unique features of the new Stepcraft M.1000 CNC. This CNC is able to cut below its table height which means we can carve a cool design into the top of my workbench. The reason I’m so excited about upgrading to the Stepcraft CNC is the rigidity and all the optional accessories. It’s way more than just your ordinary CNC. Watch the video to see all the cool things this machine can do that others can’t!

You know that beautiful maple top workbench you’ve seen in my videos over the past 3 years? Well it’s time to add some color to it! I inlay some contrasting walnut and use Total Boat’s resin to make it “pop” and fit into the new playful theme of my studio.

★ M.1000 CNC provided by Stepcraft ★

★ Bits Provided by Tools Today ★
1/4″ Up-Cut Router Bit:
1/8″ Down-Cut Router Bit:
Slab Leveler:

★ Epoxy, Pigment and Varnish Provided by Total Boat ★
Total Boat Epoxy Resin:
Epoxy Colored Pigment:
Total Boat Clear Varnish:

★ Workbench Design T-shirt ★

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Counter Sink Bit wiht Stop:
Composite Nailer:
Composite Finish Nail:

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Ways to Build Your Own Kit Homes

Building a home these days is no longer the impossible dream it used to be, particularly if you had a moderate budget. Thanks to the advent of kit homes, you can even build your dream home yourself and be able to have a home that is truly your own, built with your own two hands. Read on to learn about ways you can go about building your kit home.

How To Change A Close Coupled Toilet

This is a step by step by step guide created by a fully qualified Plumber. I’ve created this guide for anyone that likes to turn their hand at home improvements but isn’t clear on the correct procedure of removing the old toilet and fitting a new one. It’s also for anyone that is feeling the pinch and can’t afford to get a sometimes costly plumber in to compete their improvements.

Busting 3 DIY Myths

Myth 1 DIY work always looks cheap – Some people think that DIY work doesn’t look as professional as jobs done by people that do it for a living. The professionals buy their supplies and tools at the same place you do. By taking your time, planning out you project and using good quality materials, there’s no reason why anyone should be able to tell the difference.

Closet Case

Spring cleaning time is right around the corner, and there’s no better place to start than in your closet. Just a few simple changes can make a substantial difference!

Things You Should Know About Spring Maintenance

When spring comes, you have got to be ready. This time of the year when flowers and plants start blooming, is also the perfect time to do most of the home improvement projects that you have in mind.

Building Your Own Home – 3 Ways to Save Money by Doing Work Yourself

Building your own home can be a big money-saver if you do some of the work yourself. There are three options: finishing the interior; buying a kit home; and doing most of the work yourself. The more you do, the more you can save.

Eye Lag Screws Are Not Just for Suspended Ceilings

Long used in commercial construction, eye lag screws provide an economical and fast way to hang things over head. If you need to suspend something from a wood or sheet metal ceiling, you should consider the eye lag screw.

Top Tips For Copper Hanging Lanterns

Copper hanging lanterns are used for a variety of reasons, the first and most obvious being for illumination purposes, but this is not the only reason. You might also like to be able to create a beautiful environment and set the atmosphere.

The Complete Springtime Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is the time for cleaning, but it’s also a fine time to do some basic maintenance around the home. Investing in annual maintenance will help you avoid problems and keep your home safe in the coming months. Add these items to your maintenance list, and make sure you take care of them every spring.

Do It Yourself Home Improvement Tips

DIY is something you either love or hate; but unfortunately many of us love do it yourself projects but really don’t have the skill needed to finish the projects properly. Following the tips below you will be sure to finish your DIY projects in the correct time scale, and without making any terrible mistakes.

What Everybody Should Know – About How To Turn Your Water Off in an Emergency

What do you do when your hose behind the washer blows or a pipe breaks and you are getting water all over the place. I will tell you what you need to know, before this happens to you.

A Builders Merchant Is a Place to Find Nail and Hammers

Whether you are a full-time builder – boasting years of experience in the trade – or just someone casually doing some work on your home over the weekend, you will always need tools and supplies. It doesn’t matter if you are building a house or simply fixing that loose floor board in the kitchen, every project has tools that you are going to need. If you are someone who knows they need tools and supplies like a hammer and screws, then you’ll probably already know that a builders merchants is the best place to go.

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