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About Cladding Stone

There are a lot of things that you can do to decorate your home. You can put pathways in the garden and build patios and all kinds of things like this. One of the other things is to use cladding stone on the walls of your house.

Why Basement Waterproofing Helps Sell Your Home

There are a lot of glamorous things you’re supposed to do to a home before you put it on the market. Add a sculpted garden to increase curb appeal. Renovate your bathroom to add interest without spending a ton of money. Take out a non-load-bearing wall to create space and the impression of size in the main living area. But what about the details that really matter?…

Exterior Basement Waterproofing: When Water Attacks

When a flood attacks the outside of your basement, even the smallest crack in your cellar’s defenses can turn the battle into your foundation’s Waterloo. No pun intended. OK, maybe just a little. Point being, some events are just too overwhelming to trust to a traditional interior basement waterproofing effort…

Basement Waterproofing Gets The Must Out

One of the most commonplace horrors overlooked by millions of homeowners every day (many of whom have never heard of basement waterproofing) in the wetter parts of the US is invisible, inaudible, and untouchable – it’s must…

Driveway Sealer And Things One Should Know

A driveway sealer is a product applied to asphalt and concrete driveways to protect them against tire marks, stains, and salt damage from snow or water. Homeowners who seal their driveways also add value to their homes by keeping their driveways in top condition.

Buying Dimensional Lumber at a Home Center: How to Avoid Cup, Bow, and Crook

Anyone who shops for dimensional lumber at a home center knows that the best boards in the stack are usually buried far below (or behind) all the rejected boards that no one else wants. This makes shopping for lumber awkward, time consuming, and downright dangerous for everyone (ever have a pile of 2x6s collapse on you?). I realize we’re all guilty at one time or another of being a little impatient (and careless) when shopping for lumber, but there is a better way to find the best boards available in the stack – without making a mess for the next person in line.

Tips For Easily Removing Wallpaper

How to remove wallpaper and prepare your walls for new texture and painting. The proper tools and know how.

Composite Doors and UPVC Doors

When choosing a new door for your home, there are a number of important factors to take into consideration. Your door will be the first thing visitors and neighbours see about your house, so it’s important to select one that has the appearance you want.

Getting the Best From Your UPVC Windows

So, you have your new UPVC windows installed and you are, quite rightly, very pleased with the results; but have you given much thought at all as to which are the best methods to clean them? Whilst harsh chemicals can be used on some types of window, they should be avoided at all costs with UPVC as they may well cause significant, and permanent, damage. Scouring pads or other harsh materials should also be avoided as these are likely to permanently scar or scratch the UPVC material.

The Advantages of UPVC Cladding

Cladding is more prevalent around the house than you may think. It is used to protect and decorate the house – both on the inside and out. In the past, wooden cladding was widely used.

How to Install Fascias and Soffits

Fascias and soffits are an integral part of a house’s guttering system. Fascia boards contain the guttering of a building, and soffits are the finishing materials placed under the fascia.

Pocket Hole Joints – The Easy Way to Build Furniture

At first glance, a pocket hole joint resembles a simple butt joint – no grooves, dados, rabbets, or other fancy joinery – just two boards stuck together end-to-end. However, a butt joint by itself is relatively weak, and usually requires some type of hardware to add strength to the joint. That’s where pocket hole joints come in. Using a special jig (pocket hole jig), builders drive a “pocket screw” through the edge of one board and into another (usually at 15 degree angle). This creates a surprisingly strong and durable joint between the two pieces, and many cases, doesn’t require glue.

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