Top 5 OUTDOOR Woodworking Projects That Sell

These are the top 5 outdoor woodworking projects that sell based on my research and experience.
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I polled my audience to find which outdoor projects are the best sellers. These are the top 5 outdoor woodworking projects that were submitted by my followers. There is one specific outdoor project that has generated a lot of money for one woodworker. If you’re in the woodworking business, these projects may sell for you.

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Top 5 Woodworking Projects That Sell:
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0:00 Intro
0:32 Outdoor Plant Stands and Boxes That Sell
1:52 Outdoor Chairs and Benches That Sell
2:59 Picnic Tables That Sell
4:06 DIY Cooler Stands That Sell
4:50 SkillShare for Woodworkers
6:35 Adirondack Chairs that Sell
8:30 What Wood to use for Outdoor Projects
10:07 How To Paint or Stain Outdoor Woodworking Projects
10:32 Outro

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