Top Farmhouse Style Woodworking Projects That Sell

In this video, I share with you the top farmhouse woodworking projects that sell for me. These farmhouse style woodworking projects can help you make money woodworking. These are my best selling farmhouse woodworking projects. I’ve been woodworking for nearly four years now and these are the best selling woodworking projects in my area. If you are trying to make money woodworking consider making modern farmhouse style furniture and home decor. Keep up with current woodworking trends to make more sells. Modern Farmhouse 2.0 will be the trend in 2021 we think. Building these farmhouse style furniture projects could be a great way to help your woodworking business. Amazon and other affiliate links are used in this description and they help support this channel.

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0:00 Intro
1:30 Top Farmhouse Project That Sells
2:53 Farmhouse Coffee Tables
4:08 Farmhouse Tables
4:22 Farmhouse Console Table
5:06 Farmhouse Sofa Table
5:22 Modern Farmhouse TV Stand
5:58 Farmhouse Stove Cover
7:33 Cater To Your Customer
8:01 Finding Furniture Trends in 2021
10:34 Outro

Disclaimer: Amazon and other affiliate links are used in this description and they help support this channel. By clicking on the links and purchasing items it provides me a very small commission but cost you nothing extra. It is a great way to support small creators like me. I appreciate the support more than you know!

Working with wood and power tools is inherently dangerous. Anyone using any of the tools or supplies used in these videos are personally responsible for learning the proper techniques involved, and he or she assumes all risks and accepts complete responsibility for any and all damages and injury of any kind.

Before using any hand or power tool with which you are unfamiliar, consult its operating instructions, and if necessary, seek instruction by a qualified person well versed in its operation and appropriate safety techniques.

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