Top Woodworking Trends in 2021

We will be discussing what woodworking trends we think will be the best selling woodworking projects of 2021! What styles, colors, and projects we think will help you make money woodworking in the coming year. We will look back at 2020 and discuss some of our favorite projects of the year. Also we will talk about what to expect from us in 2021, Lord willing.

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0:00 Intro
2:40 Woodworking Style Trends in 2021
10:13 Woodworking Tool Trends
12:07 Versatility Trends in 2021
14:30 Taking Woodworking Full Time
15:55 How we plan our woodworking project
19:00 Making Money On Etsy with Woodworking
22:24 How Much Time Does YouTube Take For Woodworking
30:40 Tips for Selling Woodwork on Facebook Marketplace
34:28 Extra Time Filming Project Videos
35:50 Who Wore It Best
37:42 Upcoming Project in 2021
40:53 Time Management Woodworking for Money
45:18 Better Quality Builds Equal More Money?
46:32 Laminating 2×8 together to make thick top
50:03 What I use for video editing software
51:58 Best Table Saw For Beginners
54:45 Can You Make Money Woodworking in 2021
59:53 Make Your Woodworking Projects Unique
1:02:40 Outro

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DIY Tips for Using Caulk

If a bad caulk job bothers you, with these tips you can learn to run a smooth bead of caulk. With advice from some pros you’ll soon be caulking all your DIY projects like a pro. “How do you get such a smooth bead of caulk?” This is a question I hear often. For me it seems almost second nature and I usually reply that it takes practice. But after talking with some pros that spend a lot of time caulking, a few techniques will cut your practice time. You can get good results right away.

Many DIY Uses for a Toilet Wax Ring

An old carpenter taught me this trick a few years ago. We were installing doors in a State Police barracks remodel and he pulled out of his box a piece of wax ring used for toilets. He had melted it into a tuna can; he placed all of the screws needed for the hinges into the wax, point first. This wax helped the screws go into the solid wood doors with ease.

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Ceiling Fan Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cleaning and Repair

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Easy Home Decor Changes

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Completing Service Hours Can Be Fulfilling

Are you in need of service hours and you aren’t particularly excited about it? Well, in actuality, you may end up enjoying your volunteer work more than you think.

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