Whole Shop ULTIMATE Clean With Me | Cleaning Motivation | Organize With Me

My woodworking shop was in desperate need of an ultimate cleaning. In this video I show you my cleaning and organizing process. You can use this as motivation to get out there and clean up your wood shop! Shop tour coming next.

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This Sounds Like An Awesome Tree House!

Quick, a short story about a pretty sweet tree house idea. Thought it could serve as an inspiration for a do it yourself person or some other energetic parent ha ha. Not sure may people would have the courage to follow through with a Tarzan style tree house.

Emergency Home Repair Supplies You Should Keep Laying Around

In today’s world of frequent natural disasters, it is important to be prepared to repair damage to your home more than it ever has been before. These natural disasters can cause tons of damage to your home or just do a little damage that it will not take long to prepare. If you have the right materials laying around, then you can make repairs on your home as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Unchecked Water Damage Can Cause Mold and Health Problems Inside

Mold and humidity may cause serious healthy damage in your family and home. On this post I’ll tell you how to deal with mold and prevent it.

How to Restore Shine to Laminated Wood Floors

Laminated wood floors are the dream of many people. The reason is laminated floors look amazing and are priced very well. Moreover, they are known for their durability, range of colours and price. Their maintenance is very low compared to other kinds of flooring. Below are some tips and techniques that help you to restore shine to the laminated wood floors.

Easy DIY Smart House Automation For Family Convenience And Security

Learn about this simple to install DIY automation technology that gives anyone a system that is both easy to install and fun to operate for the entire family. This informative article covers many of the security and convenience features you can easily install in your own home over a weekend.

How To Do A Door Glass Repair Like A Glass Company Pro

Fix a small door glass pane yourself instead of paying hundreds of dollars to a glass company. Simple and easy how-to instructions.

Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Wood Fence

While some people have a good idea on how to build a wood fence, there are some mistakes that are commonly made during the construction process. You’d be able to build a wood fence that looks better and last a lot longer by keeping the tips in mind: Posts & Spacing One very common mistake in building a timber fence is not setting the posts deep enough. The holes for the posts have to be two feet deep and eight feet apart.

Waste Reuse: A Myriad of Uses for That Jaded Wooden Pallet

Many things in the UK are delivered on wooden pallets. Items purchased in retail outlets, building materials and much more, make their way to your home on a bog standard wooden pallet. Very often they get left behind by the delivery company or you come across them in the most unexpected places.

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Flip through any magazine today, be it fashion or home related, and you’ll be bathed in page after page of glamorous, luxurious environments. It’s no secret either that those rooms don’t come cheap. Smart shopping, a keen eye and a willingness to roll-up your sleeves can go far these days in creating expensive looking interiors without having to fork over large sums of cash. Here’s a list of 4 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

5 Steps to the Perfect DIY Paint Job

Today the art and craft of professional painters is an important part of the building trades. But at the same time ordinary folk, like you and I, have grasped their brushes firmly in hand and have begun painting their own rooms. For a masterful looking finished product here are this decorators best suggestions for the perfect DIY paint job

How to Build a Man Cave Bar

Are you ready to upgrade your “man cave” with a real bar? We have some tips so you can do it yourself! Read more…

DIY Floor Coatings – Why You Should Try It

Everyone is raving about DIY floor coatings. You need to know why you should try it especially if you want to create a safer living environment.

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