Why Colin Knecht Quit Using Pallet Wood for Woodworking

We all try to save money on wood, but using pallets for woodworking projects is not always a good way of getting free wood because they often contain embedded gravel that can damage your jointer or planer knives, your saw blades, not to mention the wood is always the poorest quality with knots and holes assembles with twist nails or screws which cracks and chips the boards but still there can be salvageable wood, but is it worth it.
Pallet wood projects like pallet wood tables and pallet furniture may simply not be worth the time and effort used for collecting the usable wood.

Using Reclaimed Pallet Wood – https://youtu.be/X-OZsgJ4sic
Pallet Wood Wine Carrier Follow up – https://youtu.be/uMeg3bSDOik
Pallet Wood Wine Carrier & Storage Rack – https://youtu.be/DPpeWsDmMqM
How to Easily Disassemble a Pallet for Pallet Projects – https://youtu.be/-7JsIZGSKm0
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