Why Woodworking Is Therapy For You and Me

I call it sawdust therapy. I want to discuss why so many have reached out telling me that woodworking is a form of therapy for them. I identify with that so much becuase It is therapy for me as well. Woodworking can be calming, help clear your mind and have so many positive benefits for making you better. The Pocket Hole King prescribes to drill two pocket holes and call me in the morning.

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0:00 Intro
4:00 Woodworking as Therapy
5:00 Broken Crayons can Still Color
6:08 Location Shout Outs
8:00 Why is Woodworking Therapy
13:30 Woodworking Gives You A Sense of Purpose
15:50 Woodworking Puts You In Control
18:45 Growing up with addiction
20:30 Woodworking A Way To Escape
24:30 We All Struggle – Woodworking Helps
36:55 Fixing Uneven Legs on a Table
46:40 Massca Pocket Hole Jig Thoughts
52:08 Wahuda Jointer Any Good?
58:22 Green Door Preservation Club
1:07:15 Red/Green Color Blind
1:08:00 Woodworking Helps You Overcome
1:12:35 Member Only Giveaway Info

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