Wood turning for the first time. Please guide more

Building a Wooden Playhouse – Detailed Plans For Children’s Playhouses

Building a wooden playhouse for the kids can be a fun and challenging experience for the average do it yourself woodworking enthusiast. It can also add a great deal of enjoyment to your kids’ playtime. Most children’s playhouses sold today are quite expensive, and unfortunately not all will fit the look of your yard. This is when a little bit of creativity can become quite useful.

Easy Woodworking Project – A Simple and Affordable Woodworking Project Which Requires a Few Hours

Easy woodworking projects are the best way to get started into woodworking without becoming overloaded or overwhelmed with all the information and training that is required in woodworking. Easy woodworking projects can consist of anything ranging from a birdhouse to a stool or a picnic table, basically when you are getting started into woodworking you should try and keep the workload low so that you can learn from the start.

Wall Tap Ideas – From the Closet to the Floor

You can literally put a beer tap handle and enjoy beer anywhere around your home. Try a few of these great wall tap ideas.

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