Your First Woodworking Project. You Only Need These Two Power Tools. Beer Tote.

Get started in woodworking by making this simple beer tote with only a jigsaw and a drill.
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I will link to Eric’s episode when it is done. First week of June.

There are plans for this tote ALTHOUGH it shows all the cuts being made with floor standing woodworking tools. But the basic measurements are in there if you follow along with this video using a jigsaw and a drill.

Jigsaw Blade:
Drill (get a much cheaper one):
Drill Bit:
Forstner Bit:
Foam Insulation:
1/2″ Plywood:
1/8″ Plywood:
5/8″ Dowel:
1/4″ Dowel:
Double Sided Tape (cheaper options available):
Spray Adhesive:
Painters Masking Tape:
CA (Super) Glue:
Wood Glue:
Flush Trim Saw:
Bottle Opener:

Walnut File Cabinet Build:
Picture Framing Sled:
Dry Erase Magnetic Wall:

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